Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

Erlend Bakke is a Norwegian entrepreneur, speaker, and author born in London, UK. He is the current CEO and founder of

Mr. Outsource – A Done-for-You ,

YouSpin – An app that has made it simple for anyone to create a 360 animation of products using a SmartPhone, laptop or standard camera.

3sixtyfactory - is your all in one photo editing and image editing company that caters different types of photo editing and image editing. With services such as Photo Airbrushing, Photo Retouching, Photo Masking / Clipping path and 360 Photo Editing.

He manages 20 employees in 2 countries and lives between San Francisco, London, Oslo, and Davao City in the Philippines.

As a member of the young breed of forward-thinking businessmen, he advocates the idea of leading a freedom lifestyle while building cash flow through businesses.

Erlend trains entrepreneurs on how to start, run, and own freedom businesses through his seminar The Freedom Bootcamp, his membership website, and his weekly podcast Invincible Entrepreneur.

In 2013 he first published the book ‘Never Work Again‘, which is focused on applying freedom to your life as well as your business by cutting the crap and getting real about your true needs and desires.

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