Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

Gene is fiercely committed to working with high-achieving leaders in small businesses who want to lead with confidence and achieve true financial freedom (in months, not years). As the Managing Director of Core Elevation, Inc., Gene helps leaders transform from stagnate, stressed and struggling to thriving, growing, and loving their work.

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Since 1993, Alex Mandossian has generated nearly $400 million in sales and profits for his strategic alliance partners, clients and students on five continents.  His expertise is in electronic broadcast media such as teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and most recently, Google hangouts.


His marketing strategies helped convert his annual income in 2001 into a month income by 2003 and then into an hourly income (16 times) by 2006.  His colleagues acknowledge him the Warren Buffet of the Internetbecause of his unique ability to make money for his partners, clients and students.

Alex’s blog is read weekly by over 155,000 subscribers. He has shared the stage with diverse thoughts leaders such as Richard Branson, Harvey Mackay, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Ormand, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Dalai Lama.


He has pioneered Internet marketing innovations such as online audio (Audio Generator – 2003), online video (Instant Video Generator – 2004), crowd sourcing (Ask Database – 2005), Tele-Summits (Virtual Seminar Week – 2006), and G+ Hangout monetization (Hangout Marketing Secrets – 2013).

Alex lifetime goal is to become the world’s 1st “work-at-home” billionaire not in Net Worth, but by creating over one thousand other Internet marketing millionaires before his 77th birthday. He lives in Marin County, CA and is a dedicated dad to his two young children, Gabriel and Breanna.

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Lisa Manyon is “The Business Marketing Architect” a content strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs and business owners. The creator of The New Marketing Model for Success, Lisa’s “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” copywriting and marketing formula has shifted – and is shaping the future of – the way we market today. Her relationship-first approach is friendly, effective and teaches people how to create marketing messages with integrity based on values.


Her philosophies have been featured in Inc. Magazine and alongside visionaries Richard Branson, Jessica Jackley, Arianna Huffington and B Corporations like Ben and Jerry’s in the bestselling books Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save The World and Engage: Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Workplace that You, Your Co-workers and Your Customers Love!



A thought leader in copywriting, strategy and marketing, she specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results. Her innovative marketing vision has been known to accurately predict marketing trends. Lisa’s philosophies offer an alternative to the notion that “copy is king,” with her message that copy is actually QUEEN (the feminine energy of marketing), strategy is KING (the masculine energy of marketing), and together they are the key to creating strong, effective results. She is a master of matching your message to market. Renowned for her Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, Content Strategy Plans and website copy and strategy packages, Lisa helps clients build relationships, attract ideal clients and increase income online and offline (often uncovering unrealistic web expectations). Lisa’s consulting techniques have doubled client engagement and opt-in rates quickly, generated over $40,000.00 in just one focused email campaign and produced over $75,000.00 in sales via a single launch concept. Lisa’s big vision ability to see all the pieces of your marketing puzzle allows her to help you reverse engineer your big ideas into tangible action steps to turn your dreams into reality.

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EntrepreneurOnFire is a top ranked, 7-day a week business podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas, interviewing today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs.

John shares the journey of his guests, highlighting a failure and lessons learned, an AH-HA moment and the steps taken to turn that moment into success.

Since EntrepreneurOnFire’s launch in September of 2012, John has interviewed Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, Chris Brogan and over 500 inspiring Entrepreneurs.

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