Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

Originally from Israel, Jacob moved to the U.S. to pursue his LLM in International and Comparative Law. Jacob’s goal was to complete his studies, find a job and advance in his legal career.

He found a job with a mid size law firm and realized the American Dream.
However, he soon realized that having a legal job is not like in the movies.
Jacob worked hard, but his salary was capped.
He had to bill hours, work weekends, and witnessed how clients should not be treated. He knew he could do it differently if only he had the chance.

In 2004, he left his Law firm job and started his own Law Office
“Jacob J. Sa-PoeSH-nick U.S. Immigration Law”.
He had no plan and no prospects, just a two-year-old Dell computer, a scratched glass desk, and a small back room rented from a fellow attorney. With his first child on the way, he needed it to work very, very fast.

Less than 8 years later, Jacob has built a 7 lawyer, 14-person immigration law practice, with plenty of clients.
He used social media to make it happen.
As an example, he built the largest Facebook community for lawyers in the U.S. with more than 88,000 fans and real engagement.:

In addition, he publishes 2 Legal Blogs, regularly produces videos on his You Tube Channel and runs a mini publishing arm at the law office.

I believe that social media and “Becoming Enchanting” are crucial to the business of any business today. However, I don’t believe that it needs to be stressful or taking up hours of your life.

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