Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel


Rick is a Personal Manager, Marketing Consultant and Public Speaker living in Nashville Tennessee.


He’s the former manager of Superstar Taylor Swift and recently launched his online Membership Program The Music Industry Blueprint and is now helping people all over the world Navigate The Music Business. He has taken a traditional offline business and has taken it online!


After a 15 year career in radio, he moved over to the Record Company side in 2004.


Today Rick manages The Music Industry Blueprint where he evaluates what you have, and teaches artist how to take what they have and grow it into a business. Rick’s experience helps them navigates the hard, uncaring music business. He believes it’s hard enough that you shouldn’t have to make it any harder.


Rick wants to provide the strategies it takes to help make the road a bit smoother. Rick recognizes he got to where he is today with hard work and but also specific strategies learned from great mentors. He is dedicated to pass along that knowledge and specific strategies to the next group of people who want to have a career in one of the most rewarding and fascinating businesses in The World, The Music Business.


We are excited to welcome Rick to the Social Media Business Hour!

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