Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are mistakenly doing the wrong things on Social Media.  It shouldn’t be a surprise when they don’t get the results they’re looking for.  Join us on this episode to learn:

-Which Activities Are Actually The Income Generating Activities You Should Be Focusing On

-The “Real” Definition Of Having A Business vs Having A Hobby

-What Is The Difference Between Social Media Marketing And Social Media Sales…And How Not Knowing Is Probably Hurting Your Business

-How To Become A Professional Revenue Generator

1.smbh-SholaAbidoye NOW TO LISTEN Shola Abidoye (SHO-LA AH-BEE-DOY) is a serial international entrepreneur, private equity investor and author. She's also the Co-Founder of the predictable sales technology that turns website clicks into clients. Her team has bought and sold 25+ Billion sales ad impressions, generated 100,000+ profitable business and consumer leads and create 25,000+ customers, lifetime recurring revenue customers among them. She lives between the East Coast, Europe and 526 ft from the beach on the Baja, Mexican Riviera where she goes to think, write, produce, conduct market research and support a local nonprofit. >> Insert Summary Here << >> Insert Transcript Here << weblinks Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: @vrecapitalgroup

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