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Sales Funnel Basics Is where we start in this jam-packed interview, but we cover the gambit with sales psychology, sales copywriting and how to implement a sales funnel system using social media.

How Should A “Sales Funnel” Be Defined…

Aaron defines the term “Sales Funnel” as a step by step process, for attracting the right people to your business, enables you to build a relationship with them and eventually, sell your products or services to them.  The word funnel is used, because it is designed like a physical funnel: It has a wide top and narrows toward the bottom.

Ideally, when a sales funnel works, you can put a bunch of leads in the top, build a relationship with them in the middle and then turn them into customers. A good sales funnel does a number of things for your business.  One of those things is prequalify your customers. To get through the funnel, these customers will have the ability to buy your products and services – otherwise, they wouldn’t have made it through your funnel.

“A great sales funnel should be intentional” – Aaron Hoos

How To Create An “Intentional” Sales Funnel

As an entrepreneur, you realize, that every business has a sales funnel. According to Aaron, a great sales funnel should be intentional. The goal is to build it and watch it work on its own. Below are Aaron’s incredible tips on how you can create an intentional sales funnel…

  • Create an ad – Start by creating an ad (Facebook can be a good starting point) where your audience can click on it and the ad drives them to your landing page.
  • Invest in a great video – Invest in putting together a great video for your landing page. This video will be so your audience can see you and your intentions.
  • Email Capture Form – Have an email capture form where your prospects can give you their email address. You can email them periodically and even send them special offers from time to time.

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Aaron’s Inspirational Story: How He Got So Interested In Sales Funnels

After his undergraduate degree, Aaron started a business with high hopes that it will be successful but sadly, it failed. After a couple of years, he started again with a second business and this time, he succeed in a big way.  As a result, he became fascinated with this experience and wanted to figure out what happened.  Why did he failed on his first business and succeed on the second?

This led him to pursuing a MBA.  He wanted to research deeper into business and discover the different strategies that goes along with it.

While Aaron was writing his thesis and looking at all of the business strategies, he realized, it was all theoretical and academic, he couldn’t find a business strategy based on experience that was connected to the real world. He was looking for a specific, real, strategy where he could create actionable steps and build his own marketing systems.

Aaron ended up inventing his own sales funnel strategy. Many people he knew heard of sales funnels, but never exactly knew the power of them or how they worked.

His goal was that he want to take the sales funnel concept one step further.

He wanted to help people become aware of sales funnels and in turn, use them in their own businesses.  Aaron knew it couldn’t be just a theory, but something that he would implement in real life and help other business owners grow their businesses.

The Greatest Myth About Sales Funnels

The greatest myth or misunderstanding about sales funnels according to Aaron is…

“Throwing a whole bunch of marketing at the wall. Then, whatever sticks, that’s how you’re going to grow your business…”

This strategy is commonly called as the “Dump Truck” or “Shot Gun” approach.  This is when business owners will try to market to as many people as possible.  They don’t use just one sales approach – they try a whole bunch of stuff in the hopes that “something” will work.

It is the same mindset that many people have, “You have to spend money to make money”.

While that may be true, a well-constructed sales funnel will target only a few good, solid channels (or leads).  By targeting your message, you can integrate your sales funnel effectively.

Aaron believes, this second approach will make your marketing much easier, more effective and less expensive.

How Is Copy-writing Involved In Creating A Sales Funnel?

Copy-writing occurs in all sorts of areas within the sales funnel. You need it for the following:

  • Capturing your audiences attention
  • Generating high quality leads
  • Qualifying your leads as solid prospects
  • Converting your prospects to customers

Anytime you use copy-writing, your focused goal should be: To use the power of copy-writing for moving people from one step in your funnel, to another until they’ve reached the last step…which is the sale.

How To Design Your Sales Funnel With Social Media

Aaron likes social media because it plays on four different parts of his Sales Funnel

Why Does Social Media Play Such A Big Part In Aaron’s Sales Funnel?

  1. Social Media helps capture the necessary attention that in turn, generates leads. It is so powerful that it can easily position you as the industry expert.
  2. It’s easy to create a system that turns your fans, followers or even friends into leads on any of the social media platforms.
  3. Social Media is a great place to build relationships with your followers by simply conversing with them. Once you’ve made them happy and through the love of your products and services, they can easily become your “evangelists”.
  4. Social media allows you to capture your friend’s followers, turning them into YOUR followers.

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Aaron’s Formula For Creating Great Headlines

After years of study, Aaron shares his time-tested Headline formula…

Aaron is uses his own proprietary system, that he build from all the years of his experience, mentoring from others and his formal education. Most importantly, he reminds us that while writing headlines, you  first, have to know your target market.

Below is Aaron’s 5 step process for writing terrific headlines…

  1. The core, building blocks of your headline should include first, knowing what type of emotion you want to convey. After that, it’s easy to hook them and capture their attention.
  2. Have a character to portray – Every headline needs to have a voice, you always should position yourself as the speaker and at the same time the reader.
  3. Use The 1926 Sales Letter Of John Caples as a writing guide – He wrote the headline “They all laughed when I sat down at the piano but when I started to play …. “ Most of the frequently shared content right now in social media is built with this kind of model and it almost always works.
  4. Use the very powerful word of “FREE” – Anything free always catches attention.
  5. Make your headline is exciting – When something grabs your attention, it is hard to divert your attention elsewhere.

Aside from his top 5 list, Aaron offers another piece of advice:  We should always try to incorporate sales into our writing.  We should always have a call of action that will led to that sale you are aiming for.


Want To Have A Solid Sales Funnel Strategy?
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