Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel
Periscope Is The Hottest New, Most Trending Video App. Out There And Most Business Owners And
Entrepreneurs Dont Know About It. Learn How To Prepare For And Deliver Your Very First Scope
From Expert Natalie Cutler-Welsh And Nile Nickel.
We Cover All The Basics, Talk About The Smallest Details To Make Sure You Have The Best Chance To
Create A Spectacular First Set Of Periscope Broadcasts.
Natalie Cutler-Welsh is an Author, Blogger, Podcaster and Mother of three.  She is known as the ‘Go to Girl’ for women entrepreneurs who want to connect and get the word out about their business.
Born and raised in Canada and now living in stunning New Zealand, Natalie is all about embracing change and making dreams a reality.  She does this through connecting and coaching women in business in online communities and high level Mastermind groups.
She’s all about making Social Media & Networking easy, fun & fabulous.

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Periscope is the new must-have app. It lets you broadcast live video to the world and allows you to explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

The great thing about Periscope is, when you go live, your viewers instantly get to see you and hear exactly what you have to say.  They can even engage with you by adding real-time comments and send you “Hearts” – Periscope’s rating system. The more hearts you get, the higher your Periscope Broadcast is rated.


Tip#6:  Your Viewers Can Always Get A Replay.

Natalie encourages you to not worry about the number of your viewers during your Periscope broadcast. If you only have 5 or 50 viewers in the beginning and then suddenly your viewer numbers drop down to 27 or lower, that’s fine.

Always remember, people come and go.

As a Periscope host, Natalie has had to realize that her viewers might be walking their kids to school or maybe even doing some shopping – whatever is going on in their lives.

Sometimes they just lose their internet connection. Worrying too much about the number of viewers will not help you create an awesome Periscope session.

Natalie also mentions, that you should primarily care about giving value to each and every viewer that you have.  Be there for them, be yourself.  Don’t be disheartened if something unexpected happens,  your viewers have the Periscope “Replay” function available.

Tip# 6.1: When you go live with Periscope, you need to hold your phone vertically and not horizontally.

Tip# 6.2: When people start coming in, greet them enthusiastically!

Tip #6.3: Periscope will make your scope available for 24 hours via Twitter. Twitter will automatically tweet out a link for your Scope allowing you and your viewers to repost it all over social media. You can also upload your scope to YouTube.


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Tip #5: Have A Call To Action – But Don’t Be Pushy

Natalie says, “When you’re using Periscope, don’t be super salesy“.  Don’t be the type of person who makes their pitch straight away, constantly selling your products/services. The call to action can be as simple as inviting your viewers to follow you on Twitter or make another “No obligation, No Pressure” type of offer.

Tip# 5.1 – You have to realize that when you’re using periscope, it’s a matter of giving your viewers value as well as instructions to where to go and get your materials or the items that you’re selling.

Tip# 5.2 – Don’t physically type URL’s. What most people do, is hold out a piece of paper with their websites pre-written on it and present it to the camera. As the person hosting a Periscope broadcast, physically typing anything is simply not possible.

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Tip #4: Do Not Engage With Comments Too Much

When Natalie started her first periscope, she was actually shaking. She had been a podcaster for three years and is comfortable recording video. But Periscope is not the same as recording a podcast, hosting a webinar or creating a video. It’s an entirely different thing altogether.

Tip 4.1 – When you want to host your own periscope, make sure of the following;

  • Download the app
  • Watch at least 3-5 periscopes, this will give you the feel for what it is all about

It is easy to get distracted while using Periscope, especially with the thought that viewers are commenting in other scopes and not yours. Getting distracted by engaging in comments or totally ignoring them all together is not a good strategy.  Find a good balance.  Engage with your viewers but not too much.

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Tip #3: Don’t Come Across As Too Polished Or “Salesy”.

Periscope is real and raw, that is why people love it. It’s a genuine form of you extending yourself to your viewers.

“One of the most common mistakes that people make is to try to be that “perfect poster” type of person and even try to behave that way. This is not a website. You don’t want to be seen as the vanilla, website spokesperson. Everyone wants to see the person behind your business” – Natalie

Tip #2: Have An Enticing Topic

Twitter will send the topic of your broadcast to your followers so it’s really important to have something that sounds enticing and engaging.  Ideally, target your ideal audience on your Periscope broadcast and tell people, “What I’ll do is “this” or “this is a tip I got from an industry leader…”.

“Any time I have an idea, random or not, I write it down because I’m not going to remember them all.”

Tip 2.1 – Periscope drops the call sometimes and you have to start all over. Taking notes (maybe in your phone) will help you if this type of situation occurs. When a connection drops, all you have to do is copy and paste your enticing topic back into Periscope.

Tip 2.2 – Periscope will automatically capture first, whatever you have in front of your phone. Natalie’s suggestion: Create an image that basically says the title of your scope and have it as the primary display, so when it’s saved your viewers can replay it, they see the image you created.  It will be will be the very first thing that your audience will see. Otherwise, just make your primary screen look professional.

Tip 2.3 – Be aware of what’s going to come first and give be aware of the impression it’s going to make.

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Tip #1: Be Prepared

Periscope gives Natalie’s business so much potential to showcase her expertise and share her wonderful knowledge with all of her viewers

Natalie’s Proven Advice;

  • Go for it but be prepared – If you have plans to host a content driven scope, make sure to write down the main points you want to highlight so that you can always go back to your notes when you feel like you’re off the topic.
  • In terms of backdrop, lighting and sounds: Just make sure that you’re not pointing straight to the wind, your headphones must have a microphone when using them and if you’re planning not to use a desktop, make sure it has a microphone.
  • Do a little recap and summary every once in a while. Maybe when you’re halfway through your periscope. This will benefit those viewers who came in late and those who come in and out of your scope.
  • Research first before scoping.
  • Spend quality time thinking of your headline, title and contents of your topic.
  • Have fun!







Natalie loves making social media networking easy, fun and fabulous.  She understand that many people start their business because they have a passion for something. However, sometimes, situations don’t always pan out the way we want them to.
If you need help or just want to be part of a group with people who have the same mindset, then join Natalie’s group and stay connected.
  • Go to which stands for “mastermind” and join the community. This community will give you an amazing network of focused and fabulous women entrepreneur. Twice a month, they have an online community live session, where a guest expert will be invited and there will be group discussion, coaching and mentoring session. All of this you’ll get in an awesome price of $47 per month.
  • Avail her 7 Secrets Social Media and Networking Course only for $197.00


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