Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

The birth of social media massively affected the way online marketing works nowadays.

Our special guest, “One-Click Lindsey” shares with us her “Perfect Traffic Strategy”, what it takes to convert site visitors to customers And…
- The Single Greatest Benefit Of Having A Solid Social Media Campaign
- The Difference Between Your Website And Your Landing Page?
-How To Convert Site Visitors From Skeptical Strangers To Great Leads
- How To Make A “Rock-Star” Landing Page
- 5 Proven Tactics To Generate A Never Ending Cycle Of High Quality Traffic And Leads



One-Click Lindsey is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads. Lindsey is the founder and CEO that specializes in driving traffic, getting leads and the art of nurturing leads to become lifelong clients. One-Click Lindsey is an expert in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogging the list goes on. She knows how to utilize the myriad of online marketing options to generate more traffic and leads which produced more paying clients.

Social Media:  The Cornerstone Of The BEST Type Of Traffic And Leads

Lindsey definitely agrees with the fact that the birth of social media massively affects the way online marketing works nowadays. She mentioned that it is now considered the cornerstone of effective marketing. Unlike any other marketing method like, SEO (search engine optimization) where you have to wait three to five months to see the results, social media will give you the quickest way to generate high quality traffic, where leads can be produced and results are often gained effortlessly and sometimes, you can even get results in real time.

The Single Greatest Benefit Of Having A Solid Social Media Campaign

If you have a great social media campaign, then you can drive leads from your social media channels directly to your landing page and easily get people on your list.

The Perfect Traffic

Social media is a great starting point in building relationships and targeting people through the area of interests that you’re after. Lindsey says in this terrific interview, that your main objective is to catch your target's interest and attention.  Once your targets are hooked, that is the best time for you to start marketing your products and services. When your audience is hooked on something they are interested in, they will almost always “buy in” to some degree - this is where your opportunity is….and that is what she calls “the perfect traffic”.

Is Your Website The Same As Your Landing Page? If You Answered Yes, One Click Lindsey Says, Think Again.

Another great tip from Lindsey:

You have to always be mindful as an entrepreneur that your website MUST always be different from your landing page.

What Is The Difference Between A Website And A Landing Page?

A website is where people can visit and find out about you and your company. It should showcase your past, present and forthcoming excellent projects. It should have a myriad of subpages and each subpage must have a specific goal. On the other hand, a landing page can look identical to your website. The difference is, it is focused on a very specific topic. It is sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander". The landing page is usually the extension of your advertisement, search result or direct link. Lindsey says, that landing pages are also often linked from social media, email or SEO campaigns, all to enhance the effectiveness of your advertisement or the product that you’re selling on that landing page.

How Is Your Landing Page Performing?

The main goal of your landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or at least great leads, it should also include a method for the visitor to get into  contact with you. A great way to execute this, is by having a subscribe button or a contact form where your visitors can share their information.

**WARNING** Never make your subscription page complicated.

Asking for your visitors to share their Email address and Name is already enough.

How To Make A Rock-Star Landing Page

Below are Lindsey’s proven strategies for making your Landing page rock-star quality:

  • Make your Headline beautiful, big and bold
    Address IMMEDIATELY HOW you can help them and WHY they need to subscribe and buy your product.
  • Invest in making a video
     In making the video, sell the idea and the benefits of your product. Be a Superhero! What you offer is going to help your customers SO much, they’ll think you’re a Superhero for it.
  • Create a bulleted list
    If you don’t feel like doing a video then you want to do a nice bulleted list of how your product can help them.
  • Create an enticing and beautiful form
    Convenience is the key here, always make it a “one-click” process.

Tip Directly From Lindsey: Your form should only ask for minimal information. Focus just on these three items- first name, email address, submit button. Add a picture of your free offer in return for their email address – Always remember, FREE items are always up for grab.

  • Make your landing page mobile friendly
    Always remember that almost everyone now has a smartphone. If your site is not mobile friendly and optimized then they will not spend time on your website.

How Do You Effectively Generate High Quality Web Traffic and Leads?

Lindsey knows that generating traffic and leads from the internet is very important and knowing HOW to create this traffic and leads are two different things. She mentioned that though it is challenging, there are virtually limitless amounts of resources and techniques available to make big things happen for you. As a matter of fact, Lindsey reminds us on this interview that if you want absolutely the highest quality web traffic and leads, then you need to focus on only one main thing, and that is to be transparent and keep your customers happy...and not forcing them to through the waters of online marketing options.  

Lindsey’s Top 5 Proven Tactics To Generate A Never Ending Cycle Of High Quality Traffic And Leads

Lindsey has 5 proven tactics to generate a never ending cycle of new faces for your small business. If you start implementing these in your business now, you’ll launch yourself ahead of your competition.

  1. Invest In Having A Killer Website

Your main website is the central part of all your online activities. It is absolutely essential that your website is super easy to understand, crystal clear and straightforward.   Invest in making your website’s design beautiful. Your website should also be responsive and interactive.

  1. Have A Great Marketing Plan That Will Result In Generating Traffic

What good is a website without traffic? Lindsey advises, after you have setup an awesome-killer website, you now need to focus on marketing your website. The best way to do this is by utilizing the social media channels and search engine optimization. This will funnel huge amounts of traffic to your site.

  1. Catch Your Target Audience’s Attention

Now this is where you need to create a targeted landing page. Having a landing page will not just increase your sales conversion rate, it will also give your visitors precisely what they are looking for.  

  1. Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Lindsey tells us that “Email marketing is NOT dead”. It is actually the powerhouse for generating leads online - if used wisely.  Her best piece of advice? Make it simple. Don’t ask for a lot of information. Their email address is the only information that you REALLY need. Your goal should be for your targeted audience to deeply desire your irresistible offer and subscribe to your mailing list with just “one-click”.

  1. Build A Long Lasting Relationship

Let’s face it, most of our website visitors are not really ready to purchase just yet. Therefore, Lindsey gives us another great piece of advice: Nurture your leads through a “Know, Like and Trust autopilot email sequence”. This will ensure that when they are ready to spend and subscribe, it will be with you. [content_toggle style="1" label="Click%20Here%20To%20Read%20The%20Full%20Transcript%20Of%20The%20Show" hide_label="Hide"] Lindsay:           This is one click Lindsey and I’m social media business hour with Nile and Jordan and today you’re going to learn how to leverage social media and generate more traffic and leads for your small business. Woman:          In business and know the way forward most include social media. Perhaps you find it a bit confusing. Even frustrating. Well, you have no idea how to make it work for your business. Fear not. We interview some of the best social media experts in business who will share their experiences, ideas and knowledge. Plus offer tips and tricks to make using social media a breeze. Leverage the power of social media and grow your business now. Welcome to social media business hour with your host Nile Nickel. Jordan:            Hello and thank you again for joining us. This is Nile’s trusty sidekick and co-host Jordan and I’d like to take a moment to share with you how you can benefit from Nile’s incredible experience using social media for real business success. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about starting your own business then using social media might be the most cost effective and time effective way to get your business real results. That’s not to mention much of what you can do to get those terrific results on social media is even free. Take Linked In for example. Nile always says it’s the best social media platform for business today. And that’s why I recommend you go to and start your social media education today. Sign up for Nile’s free tips, tricks and strategies. Once again, it’s free and it only takes a few seconds. Go to today. You’ll be glad you did. Nile:                 Hey, welcome back and we’ve got one click Lindsay on tonight Jordan. Jordan:            One click Lindsay. Nile:                 Isn't that a name? Lindsay:           That’s right. That’s right. Jordan:            I like that. Lindsay:           Thank you. Nile:                 I have to ask Lindsay, where did you get that name? Lindsay:           Well, essentially I was a web developer and there’s a difference between a website that just kind of sits there and a website that actually generates traffic and leads for your small business which is what we all need. And so I had a client of mine and we were constantly working on this landing page and for every conversation that I was having with them I was constantly referring to we have to get them to click that button, we have to get them to click. And eventually we got that landing page to work really well and he came back to me and said you’re one click Lindsay. You got them to click the big subscribe now button so from then on I thought it was kind of catchy and that’s really what everyone’s goal should be is to get people to make that one click and actually get enough people to your website to make that click so it kind of -- that’s what I’m going with. Jordan:            That’s awesome. Nile:                 I have to say I think that’s bold. Lindsay:           Thank you. Bold. Nile:                 Because I don’t know that I can be that bold. Can you imagine one click Nile? Lindsay:           Yes, I can. But you can't steal it. Can we come up with something else? No. I’m going to let you keep one click. Trust me. Jordan:            We could call you Linked In Nickel. How’s that? Lindsay:           Yeah. That’s cute. Nile:                 Linked In Nickel. Jordan:            Linked In Nickel. Nile:                 Well, as you probably gathered one click Lindsay is a web strategy expert. She works with small business owners to help them utilize the web, to produce -- that’s key. To produce. You like that Jordan? Jordan:            I do. It sounds much better than branding or getting your image out there. No. produce. Nile:                 Yeah. Produce more website traffic and leads because traffic in of itself isn't important unless you get leads from it so she’s got those married together. I love that Lindsay. And she’s -- Lindsay:           Yeah. I mean, I could send a bunch of spammers to your website but that really wouldn’t help you get phone calls now would it? Nile:                 No. That just messes up everything for the people that really want to get on there so we don’t like traffic without leads. Lindsay:           That’s right. Nile:                 Traffic with leads, great thing. And Lindsay’s a founder and CEO of Bit catchy, don’t you think? Jordan:            I think so too. Nile:                 Goes with one click Lindsay. I mean, she’s all about that. Lindsay:           I like you guys. I like you guys a lot. Nile:                 Well, she specializes in driving traffic, getting leads and the -- I love this. The art of nurturing leads to become lifelong clients. Lindsay:           Which all starts with social media by the way. Nile:                 Oh, I like it. But I like the art of nurturing. I’ve got this gourmet one click traffic and leads strategy in my head now. Lindsay:           Well, I guess I can sign off for the day. No, I’m kidding. Nile:                 And one click Lindsay is an expert in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay per click ads, websites, blogging and the list goes on and on and on and on. I bet you like to talk a lot too, don’t you Lindsay? Lindsay:           I do but I’ve been doing this for a very long time and there’s so many myths and everyone gets so confused and overwhelmed that I do tend to know a lot about what’s going on out there. Nile:                 Well, one thing that I know about one click Lindsay, she knows how to utilize the myriad of online marketing options to get what we all want and that is not traffic but traffic with leads and produce more paying clients. That is -- I mean, that’s what you want at the end of the day. Jordan:            That’s solid. Nile:                 I think we’re done here. Jordan:            Yeah. Lindsay:           Enjoy. Nile:                 Hey, great show today. Jordan:            Lindsay has left the building. Nile:                 Well, I know that you talked about how social media is really the corner stone to this process so tease us with that. Tell us a little bit about it. Lindsay:           I will. I will definitely call it the cornerstone and the reason why I like social media so much and the birth of social media recently is because it’s the quickest way to generate that high quality traffic that actually produces leads where if you were to run a search engine optimization campaign, that can take three, four, five months. Where if you do a good social media campaign you can drive those leads from your social media channels to a very nice landing page and get people on your list. So social media’s great because you can start building those relationships, you can target the people in the area with the interests that you’re after and really target market them to get that very perfect traffic to come to your website. Nile:                 As we’re talking about this here I figure that we have a problem Jordan. Jordan:            Uh-oh. Nile:                 Well, we probably need to understand what a landing page is. We’re talking about websites and landing pages on it so -- Jordan:            You mean, it’s not a website? Nile:                 Lindsay, we need your help. We need your help. Lindsay:           Nile and Jordan, you have so much -- I’m kidding. Okay. Well, so there is a difference between your website, your like main website where people go to find out about you and your company and all of your wonderful projects and everything that you’ve ever done. That is what we’re going to call just like your regular corporate website. Well, a corporate website should have a myriad of subpages and these pages should all have very specific goals to them. So for example, let’s take a chiropractor. I have a chiropractor client. He has a corporate website all about mister chiropractor but we also created a very specific landing page for those experiencing back pain only. So I have this website. It’s about back pain. If I am a person with back pain and I go to this website I can see he is the man for me because this website has a guy grabbing his back and that’s exactly how I feel and it has a whole bunch of pain points about how much that hurts your life because you have back pain and how this guy is going to fix it and all these testimonials about everybody’s back pain that mister chiropractor has ever fixed and so I know he is the guy for me. So I am going to have more of a likelihood to actually click that button, right. So that is the difference between a main website and a landing page. A landing page is about a very specific topic. It’s going to be kind of duplicated a lot on your website. Now, from your website you’re not going to be able to get to all these landing pages. They’re just kind of hanging out there ready for an SEO campaign or a very dedicated social media campaign to drive those individuals with back pain to this landing page to let them know that you are the man for them. Nile:                 So if I’m mister chiropractor I probably have people with back pain and neck pain and foot pain and that are pain in the -- oh, that’s another one. Hold on. But what you’re saying is you’re going to have different landing pages for each one of those little niches that the chiropractor may deal with? Lindsay:           Yes. And don’t get overwhelmed by it because they’re pretty much a carbon copy of each other except you’re going to change those key words or those key pain points because essentially when people -- if you were to drive people to just a generic website they’re going to kind of look all over and be like, oh I don’t know if this guy really does back pain but you kind of want to make it look like you’re a specialist. The other thing about a landing page is you don’t want it to have a menu. You don’t want them to be like my two year old and kind of like wanting to click around. You want -- this is the information, I want you to fill out this form and schedule an appointment, get on my list, whatever and go from there. That’s why lead pages is so popular. We’ve probably all heard of lead pages and they’re very good at this and if you ever make a lead page you’ll notice that it has nothing really to do with your website but it’s basically a video or a bold list of items and a nice form and a big red button. And that is a landing page and they work and that’s why lead pages are so popular and work so well. Jordan:            Yeah. I think that’s a really good point Lindsay. We actually use lead pages as one of the tools that we use and just to give everyone an idea of what it is give lead pages a little bit of free exposure here. When we build our websites and our landing pages we have a myriad of ways that we can do that. We can do that with Word Press, we can do it with Drupal. Lead pages really just specializes in kind of a drag and drop -- you see what you get, no coding involved, super easy way of just building your landing page and man, it’s really a dream. It’s a nice, nice website. Nile:                 So I’m -- I need help here. I need clarification. Jordan:            Okay. Nile:                 So we’re talking about the function of lead pages and what they are but now we also just switched in your conversation and question Jordan to lead pages, the company. Jordan:            Okay. Nile:                 There’s a difference there. Jordan:            Yeah. That’s true. Nile:                 Do you use lead pages, the company to create the lead pages on your website or is that something you do on your website yourself? Lindsay:           No, no, no, no. I was totally talking about lead pages, the company. Jordan:            I knew it. I knew it. Senile? Nile:                 I am see Nile. What are you talking about? Okay. Good. We’re talking about lead pages, the company. Our folks like Tim Page and Bob and those beloved that we’re talking about lead pages, the company. Jordan:            Yeah. Nile:                 So Lindsay. Lindsay:           Yeah. Nile:                 Tell us more about that. Lindsay:           About utilizing lead pages, the company? Nile:                 The lead pages, the company. Jordan:            The tool. Nile:                 We’re now doing an advertisement for lead pages even though they didn’t know it. Lindsay:           I know. But I mean, it’s a super useful tool and they were very revolutionary because -- in coming up with that because it’s such an important tool for small business owners. Yeah, you can get a Word Press plugin to create the lead pages and all of that but you do have to have a bit of HTML and CSS hand to be able to do those and make them look decent. So lead pages came out, there’s these beautiful templates, they’re proven to word so it’s an excellent option for any small business owner to create these exact lead pages that I’m talking about. Nile:                 Now, Jordan I understand that on one of our lead page processes that are going on right now you found a recent problem. Jordan:            Oh, yeah. Yeah. We’ve been using the lead pages here for a while and now we’ve got a Facebook can. Nile:                 A Facebook can? I’m glad that you have problems like I do every so often. Jordan:            That’s right. By the end of the show I’ll be spot on. We’re running a Facebook campaign to a lead pages page that is hosted by lead pages but as far as anyone is concerned, it’s our page and on that page we can open it up for Facebook comments. So we’ve got a bunch of Facebook comments from our Facebook ad showing up on our lead pages page. If you follow me. Nile:                 I’m confused already but I think I’m there. Jordan:            So the end result is a new prospect gets to our lead pages page, they see our offer and then they see all of these great comments that people have left from Facebook. Oh, wow. This is great stuff, thanks so much. Nile:                 That sounds super. Jordan:            Yeah, absolutely. Lindsay:           Yeah. Social proof. It’s powerful. Jordan:            Yeah. With tiny little exception. Nile:                 Oh, here it comes. Jordan:            A lot of those people may be fake profiles but a lot of those people are leaving spam in our comments as well. So they’re saying here, check this fitness thing out. Nile:                 Oh, so we just need to delete those. Jordan:            Yeah. I would love to just delete those but so far it looks like lead pages only allows me to turn on or off the whole section of comments. I can't get rid of any particular comment through lead pages. I think. I’m about 80 percent sure at this point that I cannot. Nile:                 You know what? We have an expert here. We have one click Lindsay. Lindsay:           Yeah. One click Lindsay -- see, I don’t use -- I don’t personally use lead pages for my company. I help clients with it a lot but I actually -- I kind of specialize in making custom lead pages so I have not run into that problem so I can't help you. Jordan:            It’s all my problem. Lindsay:           I’m sorry. Shoot. Jordan:            That’s alright. Lindsay:           But it doesn’t sound like a great problem unfortunately. Nile:                 Can you pass me the tissue? Lindsay:           It’s time to hang up now. Nile:                 Well listen, we’ve about wrapped up our time in our first segment today so we will be jumping out to our next segment and we ask that you just join us there. We’ll be right back. Jordan:            Hello and thank you again for joining us. This is Nile’s trusty sidekick and co-host Jordan and I’d like to take a moment to share with you how you can benefit from Nile’s incredible experience using social media for real business success. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about starting your own business then using social media might be the most cost effective and time effective way to get your business real results. That’s not to mention much of what you can do to get those terrific results on social media is even free. Take Linked In for example. Nile always says it’s the best social media platform for business today. And that’s why I recommend you go to and start your social media education today. Sign up for Nile’s free tips, tricks and strategies. Once again, it’s free and it only takes a few seconds. Go to today. You’ll be glad you did. Nile:                 So now we’ve talked about lead pages and how we’re going to use social media and all of that good stuff and so I’m jazzed and I’m excited. Now Lindsay, I’ve got people going to my lead pages and they like what they see and they’re taking some action. What typically do you get them to do? Lindsay:           Well, the easiest thing for them to do is subscribe to your list and return for an awesome, super mega irresistible offer that you’re giving them like a pdf or a free video series. That’s the easiest thing to do because it’s very difficult to convince people to call you or to fill out a boring contact us form or do something for you without you doing something back for them. let me press this -- that whole sentence by social media is a super awesome way to drive people to your lead pages and I’m sure -- and I know you’ve covered this on your show before but it’s worth repeating as Facebook owns all of your fans, Facebook owns all of that, it could change at any moment so we want to try to grab all those fans and all those people that we worked so hard to nurture through social media and get them on an email list where we can actually market to them and we own those names. So that’s the whole point is if you can get people to make that one click and get on your list then you can actually like start nurturing them and selling to them. Jordan:            That’s a really good point and I’d like to just point out one thing real quick and this is just something that just sticks in my -- I know it bothers you Nile but Facebook’s so arbitrary about how they do things that one day we’re going to go to try to communicate with our fans and Facebook’s going to say no. we’re not going to let you do that. Or now we don’t like that kind of communication and it could be something that we thing is relatively harmless. Nile:                 No. I totally agree and that’s -- unfortunately it’s not our sandbox, we don’t get to make the rules. If we want to play in the sandbox, the sandbox owner in this case Facebook gets to make the rules and we could either play in the sandbox or not. Jordan:            Yeah. I like what you’re saying Lindsay. Facebook’s a great place to make friends but to keep them you want to get them on your list. Lindsay:           Yeah. I mean, and what you’re saying is not untrue. I have literally had a client who logged into their page. They had -- let’s see how much. Did they have 25000 fans. And they could not login because Facebook kind of deactivated their account. We had spent a fair amount on running ads for them and it was because they had put some like weight loss stuff on their fan page or running some ads for that in the wrong way so Facebook just -- one morning they couldn’t login which -- let me give your fans a little -- or your listeners a little hint. Is to make someone else also an admin of your page so if your personal account gets shut down someone else can manage that page as well. Nile:                 Yeah. we always use -- and I know -- we talk about all the time that you want to do that not only on Facebook but literally all of the social media platforms that you have pages or groups or things like that set up on. Lindsay:           Yeah. Nile:                 You absolutely positively want to do that so yeah. I agree. Or it could be something as minor and I say as minor. It’s not necessarily minor when it happens to you but your account gets hacked and now your account’s hacked and they’ve got to shut your account down for a period of time. Sometimes you don’t get the same account back. And like you said Lindsay, you sort of passed over that really quickly but you spend a lot of money getting that built and it’s like sorry about that. Lindsay:           Yeah. And they don’t have to apologize. Jordan:            Oh, no. yeah. I was going to say -- Lindsay:           It’s their cross form. They can do whatever they want. Jordan:            I’ve never heard them apologize to anybody. Lindsay:           No. Nile:                 I’m apologizing for them. Jordan:            Oh, okay. Nile:                 But that’s what they say. Sorry about that. It doesn’t matter. It’s done. Jordan:            That’s right. I think the listeners are getting the impression that we have a love hate relationship with Facebook and that’s -- Nile:                 Well, that would be true. Jordan:            I was going to say it’s not inaccurate. Nile:                 Yeah. That would be true. Lindsay:           Yeah. I mean, everybody screamed and hollered when everybody’s reach dropped earlier last year but again you’re kind of using their platform so you can pay a few dollars a day to boost your posts so your fans can see it, right. And they’re actually kind of like doing you -- and I’m going off on another tangent but they’re doing us a favor because your fans don’t want to see a bunch of ads anyway. Otherwise they’ll never come back to Facebook. Nile:                 Yeah. It’s a balancing act and I get the balancing act but I also get that if they want to take your money for ads that -- yeah. so anyway, we’ll leave that alone because now we’ve just become -- we’re crying in our beer and the big problem is I don’t have a beer right now so that’s not going to work. Lindsay:           And this is an evening show. What a crock. Nile:                 Great. Well, normally I drink the bourbon on the evening show. I don’t even have my bourbon here tonight. What’s up with that? Jordan:            So you’ve got 99 problems and having no bourbon is one of them. Nile:                 Yeah. That’s the big one. Big one. So  help us out here. Can you give us an idea of -- or a description -- maybe some of the qualities of a good landing page? Lindsay:           Sure. Absolutely. There’s a few main components to a landing page. First one is a beautiful, big, bold headline that basically addresses their pain point. Back to the chiropractor example. It’s going to say having back pain? I can solve that. Big, bold. Okay? Typically left hand side you’re going to have a video which -- you had a lovely guest on talking about the importance of video but nobody ever wants to do video but have a video of you saying how you can cure back pain and how you’re the super hero of all back pain problems. If you don’t feel like doing video then you want to do a nice bulleted list of how you can address these back pain issues. On the right hand side you’re going to have this beautiful form that I was talking about asking for very minimal information. First name, email, submit. And a picture of your free offer or whatever you’re going to give them in return for their email address. Bellow that, you’re going to want to have this wonderful social proof. You guys were talking about that with that Facebook plugin. And that is about all there is to a landing page. Obviously, it needs to look super nice, it needs to look really great on mobile and it needs to have some nice imagery to make the person feel like you can solve their problem. Jordan:            That’s great and not to beat a great horse but you covered an awful lot very quickly and it’s all such good, good information. Let’s just take a half a step back here. When you’re writing a headline and you’re off -- you’re creating your irresistible free offer, we don’t want to go milli-mouth on it, we don’t want to just go yeah. We can probably do this for you. No. we want to make it bold, right. Lindsay:           Yes. Bold. You are the super hero, you are the man of their back pain dreams and the five bullet points as to why and what you can fix. Jordan:            That’s great. And with every one of those things and correct me if I’m wrong here. With every one of those things we just simply see a boost in conversions, right. Lindsay:           Right. Jordan:            So if you do one thing you’re going to get a certain number of conversions meaning people who are interested and sign up. and if you keep on kicking it up a notch you’re just going to continue to increase those conversions and from what I’m to understand video really is the best so it does take the longest to kind of map it out and really think through a good video but that’s really important, isn't it? Lindsay:           Video is super duper important and that’s why you guys dedicated one of your last episodes to it but I would say even though I tell clients that’s going to convert more people, seriously though, it’s not a big deal if you’ve got your cell phone, take a nice 30 second video of yourself. Like five percent of my clients will ever do it. And it’s a pain but it totally converts. Jordan:            So in other words, if 95 percent of the people are not doing it and you’re one of the five percent who is you get to stand out. Lindsay:           That’s right. You’ll make the most money, you’ll get the most leads, you’ll get the most options. It’s true. Jordan:            You know it helps if you un-mute yourself when you want to go talking to us. Just an idea. Lindsay:           Unless we’re having connection problems. Nile:                 I was. I was having problems connecting with my mic. See, that’s because somebody -- I complain so much about not having the bourbon. I know how bourbon sounds. This is a good thing. This is an adult show. It is the -- Lindsay:           This is officially the best podcast I’ve ever been on. Nile:                 Hey, we like to hear that. One of the things that we glossed over very quickly too was mobile and how critically important mobile is today and so many people don’t think about that. Do you have clients that you have to really work through that process with to explain the importance? Lindsay:           Earlier this year I did and obviously as a web designer you’re kind of on the up and front. Like you know what’s coming so maybe two or three years ago you’re like telling people your website’s got to be mobile friendly. Please, please, please. And like nobody will do it but then at the beginning of the year when I finally had Google backing me meaning on April 15th of this year Google came out and said we’re going to start considering mobile friendliness in who we rank. So that actually pushed the majority of my clients over the edge for them to be like oh, so yeah. Mobile is friendly. But especially for like Facebook ads and social media, people are constantly checking social on their phone. So it’s so important that when they’re redirected from an ad or anything at all even if they want to just -- if you put a post and they want to like follow your blog post to your website that they see a nice mobile friendly version of it because then they’re just like turned away. Most of my clients are well over 50 percent of all their website traffic happen on a mobile device so you cannot ignore it. You cannot ignore it. Jordan:            So that to me, right off the top of my head sounds like there are two major things to consider, right. One is technology. You’ve got to make sure that whatever you’re using, whatever platform you’re using supports mobile, right. Lindsay:           Right. Jordan:            So like lead pages is automatically mobile friendly. There are Word Press themes out there that are automatically Word Press friendly. They call it responsive, right. Lindsay:           Yes. Jordan:            So if you see something says responsive, that’s mobile friendly. But the other thing is kind of the bane of my existence as of recently and that’s short form copy. Nile:                 I was worried for a minute it was going to be me. Okay. Good. It’s short form copy. Jordan:            That’s right. The bane of my existence, Nile Nickel. That’s right. Nile:                 I'm here. Jordan:            The booze hound, bourbon drinking Nile Nickel. Nile:                 Hey, I want Bullet as my sponsor. But let’s get back to short form copy. Jordan:            Let’s hurry and get that shout out going. Yeah. So short form copy. You can't have a super long page anymore, can you? Lindsay:           No, you cannot. No. especially on a mobile device and I know you had a copywriter on a previous episode. Those words, small amount to convince people to do it. Not only because it’s on a mobile and people don’t want to scroll. People love micro content. That’s why Twitter is so popular. You’ve got to keep it short and to the point and do that one, two punch and get them on your list. Then you can kind of like talk their ear off a bit. Nile:                 She’s called one click Lindsay but she’s been clicking our podcast. She’s been listening some. Lindsay:           Oh, I have. Nile:                 So one click Lindsay -- Lindsay:           It’s a great podcast. What can I say? Nile:                 One click Lindsay’s given us a number of clicks. So let me ask a question because we’ve only got a few minutes left in our segment here. So you’ve listened to a few of our segments so what do you think of our different news, different views or as my wife calls it our weird ass news segment. Lindsay:           I really, really like it. I think -- it’s one of my favorites. It’s what keeps me remembering your podcast so keep it up. Nile:                 Oh, wow. Listen to that. Jordan:            Yeah. You just keep fishing Nile. You just keep fishing. Lindsay:           But then again I am one click Lindsay so I mean, as far as trying to stand out and stuff I totally support that. Nile:                 Yeah. We just can't get better than that. That’s perfect. Actually we tried to -- Lindsay:           So does your wife like it? Is that what she’s trying to say? Nile:                 She does like it. She just doesn’t like the name different news, different views. Of course, we did officially just a couple of episodes ago, officially renamed it weird ass news. Lindsay:           I heard that. Nile:                 That was a good story to rename it on, wasn’t it? Lindsay:           Yeah, it was awesome. Nile:                 People will have to go back and listen to that. Well listen, we’ve exhausted this segment. We know that we’ve got a lot coming up. Listen to us in segment three. Jordan:            Hello and thank you again for joining us. This is Nile’s trusty sidekick and co-host Jordan and I’d like to take a moment to share with you how you can benefit from Nile’s incredible experience using social media for real business success. If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about starting your own business then using social media might be the most cost effective and time effective way to get your business real results. That’s not to mention much of what you can do to get those terrific results on social media is even free. Take Linked In for example. Nile always says it’s the best social media platform for business today. And that’s why I recommend you go to and start your social media education today. Sign up for Nile’s free tips, tricks and strategies. Once again, it’s free and it only takes a few seconds. Go to today. You’ll be glad you did. Nile:                 And Jordan this has been a power packed series. Jordan:            Yes. Lots of golden nuggets. Nile:                 And we’re in the third segment of the series. We’ve got one click Lindsay. Love the name. Lindsay:           Thank you. Nile:                 I just get excited about that. That is such a big, bold name. Lindsay:           Well, you’re going to remember it, right? Like you’re not going to remember my real name which is Lindsay boring Anderson, right? One click Lindsay. And by the way, you can get to my website by spelling Lindsay in any myriad of ways your heart’s desire because I bought every domain name. Jordan:            That’s great. Nile:                 Smart tactic. Jordan:            That is smart. Nile:                 Smart tactic. No, I won't forget one click Lindsay and there’s one thing that I guarantee you has never went with your name and that is boring. I guarantee you. In fact, in your high school yearbook, what was the little subtitle under your name? Lindsay:           Most boring. No, I'm kidding. Nile:                 You just had to try to throw that in, didn’t you. Jordan:            Most likely to bore. Lindsay:           I don’t think I had one. Nile:                 Miss congeniality. Lindsay:           I’m sure that’s what it was. I’m sure that’s what it was. Nile:                 It had to be. Absolutely. So we’ve talked a lot about how to convert or how to get traffic, how to convert that traffic into leads, some social media strategies and tactics to do that. One of the things that I’m really interested in and this is not scripted, not prompted and I can't wait to hear the answer and that is -- Lindsay:           Oh, I hope it’s another question I can't answer. That’s going to be awesome. Nile:                 Okay. Good, good, good, good. Well, we’ll see. Here, I’ll give you some thinking time. But I haven’t asked you the question yet. So the question is this. What do you think is the most difficult obstacle that you fight on a regular basis getting those conversions? See? I need to give the pause. Jordan:            Get some Jeopardy music going. Lindsay:           It would definitely be -- if you want something super specific it’s going to be the wording or that irresistible offer. You need to make that something that the user doesn’t feel like they can just go Google the answer for. You need to make it extremely appealing. I’ve gone through different versions of those irresistible offers with clients until we finally had a winner. You can't just stick something up there like -- I couldn’t just stick one up like 10 places you need to list your website. No one’s going to opt into that. You have to make it special, you have to make it something super unique that they’re actually going to give you their email address for. Nile:                 I think that’s a great golden nugget. Jordan:            That is a great golden nugget. Lindsay:           And you have to put your time into it. Let me add one more thing. Nile:                 Absolutely. Lindsay:           You have to put your time into it and please know -- I’ve had clients just kind of throw -- be like oh, here is my irresistible offer. Maybe the first chapter of my book or what not. But you have to remember this irresistible offer is like the first piece of service or of your representation that they’re going to get from you so you need to pour a bit of heart and soul into that because that’s their initial impression. Don’t just get their email address and send them some piece of garbage. Like make it thought out so that it -- use it as a sales tool. Don’t just use it as ha-ha, I got your email address. See you later suckers. Nile:                 See? I’m telling you. Boring does not go with one click Lindsay. Just doesn’t happen. Jordan:            Congratulations. You’ve just been bait and switched. Lindsay:           Yeah. You know what I’m saying boys. You do. Nile:                 I’m enjoying this because now we’re boys. I get bourbon, get called boy. We’re doing good. I love it, love it, love it. So you mentioned another thing on there too besides not having this boring offer if you will or your irresistible content. You mentioned copy as another critical thing. So I suspect that you probably go through revisions on both of those. Lindsay:           Yes. Now I’m going to get into the part that stresses everybody out which is AB test thing. Quite literally you can change a word, change a color of a button, add an image with an arrow pointing and it can increase your conversion rates. But I get a lot of people stressed out about that because you don’t even know where to start. It’s like okay. Everything I’m going to put on here is garbage because I can just make it all better. Just -- you’ve got to start with something and then you’re going to want to -- maybe you see something that catches your eye then go and reword your button. Maybe a certain button on a landing page you visit caught your eye so go try that. Try it for a few days and see if it improves. If you talk to someone about AB testing it can be super overwhelming. I get overwhelmed and I’m in the business. But just know it’s just like life and as a person you can always constantly improve but be happy getting what you’re getting and just kind of test it out. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. But yes. One piece of copy can increase your conversion rates by a certain percentage which sucks. Nile:                 I think we should call it BA testing anyway. Lindsay:           Yeah. Nile:                 Well, there’s a reason for that. You see, because we’re always trying to improve our grade so if we start out with a B we’re trying to get an A. Lindsay:           That’s very true. Nile:                 So everybody says AB testing. I think it should be BA testing. Just personally. Lindsay:           You know what? Let’s go ahead. Let’s start an internet marketing movement and start that way and we will know it started on the social media business hour. Nile:                 It started right here. Lindsay:           On this evening. Yes. Nile:                 You heard it here the first. It was bourbon inspired. Bullet I might mention. No, really, I have a friend that has a program. He calls -- and it’s a sales training program. But I think it’s applicable here. It’s beat your best. And what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to create your best but you’re trying to then beat it. So you really put your best foot out there. You’re trying to do something you think is good but then you’re trying to make it better. Lindsay:           Yeah. That’s really awesome and I think -- yeah. That’s a really good way of going about it. Don’t try to get overwhelmed by should this be green or red and what should the caps all say or whatever. Just put something out and like you said beat your previous score. It’s like playing Pac-man when you were a kid. You always just wanted to beat the previous score, right. Nile:                 Yeah. Absolutely. And imperfect action I should say. Lindsay:           Love it. Nile:                 Is better than perfect inaction. Lindsay:           Love it. Nile:                 Do something even if it’s wrong and then get better. Lindsay:           True. Nile:                 So I love it. Jordan:            Lindsay, I’ve got a quick question for you and I’d really like to hear if you’ve seen the same results but all the guys that I’ve talked to who’ve really maximized split AB testing have said I just changed this one word or I just changed the picture or -- it’s just -- it was such a minor change and then they boosted their -- it’s not like they rewrote the whole page to get better results. Do you find the same thing? Lindsay:           Yes. Absolutely. And that’s actually the key to AB testing is you don’t want to have like version A and then version B being something completely different. Like I literally was running a Facebook ad and I changed the word amazing to awesome and I kid you not, my cost per like went down about 50 cents. No clue why. I was pretty happy about it and it stayed around but you just want to make very subtle changes so you actually know what made the difference. Nile:                 Okay. Lindsay:           Because actually you could redo your whole page and it could get way crappier results and we don’t want that. Nile:                 So I am now -- my mind is spinning and it’s not from the bourbon I might add. Lindsay:           Yet. Nile:                 You changed -- what was it? Amazing to -- Lindsay:           Awesome. Yeah. Awesome to amazing. Nile:                 Awesome to amazing. Lindsay:           Or was it -- now I’m all backwards. Maybe I’m drinking too. One or the other. Nile:                 But that one word changed. You mentioned -- I assume it changed your results but it also changed your ad cost and it lowered it. Lindsay:           Yes. Jordan:            Which means that people were engaging more because of that one word, right. Nile:                 Man isn't that just so totally amazing though? Not only are you getting better results, you’re getting lower ad cost. Jordan:            Well, I think it’s awesome. Lindsay:           And amazing. Nile:                 I think it’s amazingly awesome. That’s the next BA test. I’m sorry. Lindsay:           And like I said, I -- it can get really overwhelming to do that but as a starting point you guys can do some like Googling, like best color for buttons, best -- all the best things because people kind of know like really if you have a blue button versus a green button on the get my free offer now button, that all important, one click button, it can totally change. And so there’s tons of articles on Google about the best colors for everything and all of that and again it’s another good reason to use lead pages, the company because they have tested all that out and that’s why they have this format that we’re all used to seeing because it works. Nile:                 I’m thinking that we need to go to a light golden brand. As in color. Jordan:            You mean the color of the bourbon in your glass right now? Lindsay:           Have I not taught you anything? Nile:                 That’s exactly what I was thinking. So listen, we’ve been talking about this. You get asked this all the time so what’s your canned answer for how can I make my website more effective? Lindsay:           Let me pull up my beauty pageant answer for this one. Nile:                 Oh, I like it. This is exciting. Lindsay:           World peace. Nile:                 World peace. Lindsay:           I’m kidding. Nile:                 Hey, that just went with Miss Congeniality. I’m just saying. Lindsay:           Yes, I did. Right, right? In fact, my high school mascot was a potato so Miss Rosti right here. So anyway -- Jordan:            I’ve got nothing. Lindsay:           To make your website better -- listeners please stay with us. Anyway, to make your website better we’ve kind of discussed that. My number one, two and three things. Have a video on the home page. Number one. Number two, make sure it’s super duper mobile friendly. Pretty please. Number three, spend some time on copy. Don’t just do some throw away website. Literally spend some time on copy and address the pain points of the people coming to your site and let them know you can address their issues. Nile:                 Hey, that’s worth the cost of admission right there. Jordan:            Yeah. Everybody got a seminar for this podcast. Nile:                 They really did and they got to enjoy some humor, some bourbon. Jordan:            No. That was just you. Nile:                 They didn’t. Just me. Yeah. I’m sorry. I did. So I have to be thankful for that but Lindsay you have given just awesome information. One click Lindsay in a completely non boring way. I know that there are people that are clamoring right now. I know our listeners. They’re clamoring to say we want to get more from this exciting one click Lindsay person. How do we find out more about her? Lindsay:           Well, you can visit my website where I do tons of video and tons of ways where you can improve your conversion rate and get more traffic and leads to your website at and you can spell that however you want. You’ll find me. Nile:                 I like that. That is also a powerful piece of advice. Using the common misspellings. Lindsay:           Yes. Well, my original company -- anyway, my original company name was webimpakt with a K and I swore I didn’t want to ever tell someone how to spell something ever again. So I learned my lesson. Nile:                 Makes absolutely perfect sense to me. Jordan:            That’s a good lesson to learn. Very good lesson to learn. And most people don’t know that they can do that. They can relatively cheaply go and get all the different domain spellings and make sure that they do redirects to the right website and all that good stuff. Lindsay:           Yeah. Nile:                 And so again, that’s worth the cost of admission. So just remember you heard BA testing first here on social media business hour tonight with Nile and Jordan and one click Lindsay and to give everybody your name again it’s Lindsay Anderson but Lindsay not boring Anderson. One click Lindsay. Jordan:            Lindsay awesome Anderson. Lindsay:           That’s better. Thank you. Nile:                 Lindsay awesome amazing Anderson. My daughter has three names or two middle names so we could do the same thing here. Lindsay:           That will totally work. I love it. Nile:                 Yeah, yeah. So there you go. Hey, thanks so much for joining us on the social media business hour. Lindsay:           Thanks boys. I really appreciate it. It was super fun. Nile:                 Oh, thank you so much and to our listeners, thank you as well. We love all the comments and feedback we get on our Facebook page at social media business hour as well as where you could listen to the episode again because I know you’ll want to. You can find all the links. This is social media business hour episode 121. But I want to thank you again and hopefully you learned a few new ideas or concepts. Maybe you were just reminded of a few things you already know but you haven’t been doing to improve or grow your business. You know that our desire is that you take one of the things that you learned or were reminded of today, you apply it to your business this week. Not next week. This week. We know that a small change can make a big difference and I’m committed to bringing you at least one new idea each week that you could implement. So go back and listen, identify just one small change that you could make to your business this week and see what a big difference it will make for you. So until next week, this is Nile Nickel. Now, go make it happen. Woman:          Social media business hour is powered by For show notes, updates and to pick up the latest tips and tricks head over to Until next time. Thanks for listening. [/content_toggle]


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