Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

Get the secrets to creating affluence from a successful business woman who was once, just a wide eyed little girl growing up around millionaires.  Listen to the simple strategies for creating affluence that even a child can understand.  There are only three types of personalities on the “Affluence Wheel” – Which one are you?

SMBH Alison Pena


How does money define, and narrow or expand our view of whats possible for us? Alison Pena grew up rubbing elbows with millionaires. She saw that limitless opportunity and limitless possibility aren't just about money, but affluence. Affluence is seeing all the possibilities around you. And having the faith, confidence, and skills to go after them. The myth is that affluence is for the lucky or rich. Alison consults with entrepreneurs and businesses, unlocking their affluence code mindset and actionable strategies for sustainable affluence.


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