Social Media Business Hour with Nile Nickel

Adam is the Founder, Help My Website Sell™ a company is dedicated to helping companies, organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures Emancipate The POWER Of INFORMATION through mastering:

-  Effective, easy-to-implement website conversion strategies and techniques that work;

-  Simplified internet marketing technologies that support the business’ website and sales conversion and customer experience goals;

-  Spending less time editing and maintaining their websites, and more time promoting and monetizing them.

Having worked with numerous companies and ventures of different sizes, markets, and niches, Adam offers a unique blend of website conversions know-how combined with a mix of live coaching and consulting.

Social Media Business Hour presented by Nile Nickel.  

Join us each week for the latest in Social Media and Business.  

These terrific, thought inspiring shows include "News Of The Weird" segments where you'll get the strangest stories from around the world.  Impress your friends and family with hilarious and often surprising news stories that the major news networks don't cover. 

In addition, get some great tips for how to attract and keep your perfect customers using Social Media.  On top of the laughs that you'll share, Nile will deliver you golden business lessons from truly great entrepreneurs.  


These incredible men and women have been where you are and have struggled through the challenges you face every day.  Take this opportunity to invest in your business, your education and enjoy it along the way!

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